Achieve Seamlessness and Efficiency: Empowering Omnichannel Orchestration.

How to Create an Orchestration Rule







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At Delivery Solutions, we recognize the importance of effective orchestration in streamlining operations and optimizing customer interactions. Our platform offers a powerful Orchestration feature designed specifically for enterprise retailers.

Flexible Business Rules

Our orchestration feature allows retailers to define and implement flexible business rules. Tailor the customer journey at every touchpoint by customizing workflows, automating processes, and defining rules based on product type, location, customer preferences, and more.

Rate Shopping

Gain access to rate shopping capabilities that enable the comparison of the most cost effective and efficient shipping options from multiple carriers. 

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Custom Attributes

Every retailer has unique attributes and characteristics that set them apart from the competition. Personalize the customer experience, align interactions with your brand identity, and create a cohesive and memorable journey for your customers. 

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