Incorporate Lockers and Access Points into intelligent pickup scenarios.

Clever Convenience

BOPA Lockers offer a secure and convenient way for customers to pick up their online orders. Retailers can give customers 24/7 access to orders while reducing wait times and encouraging repeat purchases.

Lockers also offer contactless pickups, which is especially appealing in today's health-conscious climate. 

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Increased Foot Traffic

Incorporating BOPA Lockers into non-retail locations such as carrier retail locations, pharmacies, or other pickup-drop-off points (PUDU) is an effective way to increase foot traffic and attract customers new customers.

Integrating with our OXM is simple

Our platform layers into your fulfillment stack in 3 steps.

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1. Integrate

Integrate your systems with Delivery Solutions to effortlessly send your order information to our Omnichannel Experience Management (OXM) platform.

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2. Customize

Customize the capabilities you wish to offer your customers, such as Same Day Delivery, Returns, Real-Time Notifications, Tracking, and more.

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3. Orchestrate

Orchestrate these services to work in unison, allowing you to save costs, gain insights, and offer your customers exceptional and memorable experiences.