Ship from your store or DC with the right provider for the job.

Ship From Anywhere

Optimize your distribution centers by selecting the best location to fulfill each order, reducing delivery times and shipping costs.

Your retail storefronts can double as distribution centers, allowing you to get products to your customers faster and more efficiently while reducing shipping costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Integrated Provider Network

Access multiple delivery providers from a single unified platform, simplifying the process of managing individual relationships and contracts with different carriers. Our provider-agnostic ecosystem provides greater flexibility and control over your delivery network, with the ability to seamlessly integrate any existing carrier. 

Pass-Through Billing and Reconciliation

Save time and effort without the need to initiate in separate agreements, negotiations, and paperwork with individual providers. You can receive consolidated invoices each month, for all carriers, without the need for direct contracts for each provider. 

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Integrating with our OXM is simple

Our platform layers into your fulfillment stack in 3 steps.

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1. Integrate

Integrate your systems with Delivery Solutions to effortlessly send your order information to our Omnichannel Experience Management (OXM) platform.

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2. Customize

Customize the capabilities you wish to offer your customers, such as Same Day Delivery, Returns, Real-Time Notifications, Tracking, and more.

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3. Orchestrate

Orchestrate these services to work in unison, allowing you to save costs, gain insights, and offer your customers exceptional and memorable experiences.