Streamline and simplify your returns process with our comprehensive suite of modern fulfillment options.


A Comprensive Suite

From eco-friendly and paperless options to convenient home pickups and multi-method returns, our innovative solutions provide hassle-free returns for customers while optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Fully Branded

Applying brand colors and fonts is just the start. Our OXM gives you complete control over every moment of the customer journey. 

Craft notifications, tracking pages, emails, and more.


Modern Consumer Options

Provide your customers with the kinds of experiences they need, like Multi-Sku Returns, Actionable Notifications, and Transparent Fulfillment.

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Multi-SKU Returns

Give your customers the convenience of returning or replacing more than one thing at a time. Our OXM orchestrates all of the fees and instructions and gives them a single place to track it all.

Access Points

Location awareness and intelligent integrations enable your customers to find drop-off and access points for their returns. They get more control and you reduce costs.

Marketing & Upselling

More customer touch-points, mean more opportunities. As the platform learns about their behavior and their preferences, so will you!

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