Manage your in-house fleet and unify your dispatch operations.
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A Different Kind of Private Fleet

Our fleet delivery management offers enterprise retailers an adaptable and smart solution to address the current challenges of boosting deliverability without incurring substantial costs or undergoing lengthy implementations.

Our Private Fleet includes advanced features like customizable parameters and rules for drivers and vehicles.

Retailers can go above and beyond to meet customer needs by maximizing fleet utilization, boosting productivity, customer loyalty, reputation management, and delivery performance.

Independent Fleet Resource Management

Our Private Fleet management maximizes operational flexibility. By precisely and independently managing drivers and vehicles, it's easy to solve problems that could arise when drivers call out sick, or a vehicle is in repair. 

The ability to easily swap or optimize resource management means delivery availability can be based on individual traits and schedules.


Route Optimization, Reimagined

Private Fleet streamlines deliveries with automated route optimization, minimizing manual intervention by intelligently allocating routes based on orchestration rules to adjust to current conditions and merchant preferences.

Users can also set customizable settings and parameters on any automated rules.

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Balance Your Resources

Private Fleet optimizes private fleet management by efficiently handling orders with contracted DSPs, ensuring smooth fulfillment, and balancing resources for optimal delivery results.